About us


  Family business founded in 1974 by Batiste Ebrí Pavia and Jacinta Sans Garcia. Today the second generation manages the restaurant every day with new horizons and renewed desire.
  Establishment located in frontline, with sea views and specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Rice and fish  make up our menu, along with other international dishes.



Many years ago, a wet bar and a fireplace, represented the beginning of a work-life expectancy. Roasted artichokes are away those winter grilled, lamb chops, grilled fish with oil and salt, and are far from my father's lunch with friends, trays of fried fish from the boat Masiano grandfather, dishes bread with tomato and ham, accompanied wine Decanters and many friends.
  Although some law of life are gone, I'm happy to write all this because in my own way I have participated in all these experiences of good work. All this is a pleasure to remember ........
  Those memories are part of their inheritance, and were the result of perseverance and friendship.